Meet the redoubtable beloved eccentric children's entertainer UNCLE PAPPY, that lovable guy with a rubber nose and a soul to match! Uncle Pappy inspires kids to paroxysms of joy (no, seriously, paroxysms!) with his clever, cute, slightly subversive, maddeningly catchy ditties with titles like "The Fun Song," "The Magic Word" and "Let's Go To The Landfill," accompanied by The World's Smallest Banjo and The World's Smallest Drum Kit, as well as games, jokes, juggling and magic!

Uncle Pappy has appeared at schools and parties across the country as well as with the New Old Time Chautauqua, and has captured the hearts and funnybones of fans young and old from coast to coast (and even in the middle!)

Hire Uncle Pappy for your next kid's party, event or insurrection!